A family of driven builders excited by ZK Rollups as layer 2 solution to scale Ethereum

ZigZag Labs is a community of coders, designers, mathematicians, cryptograph experts, high-frequency traders, researchers, market makers and other contributors. We are all fully focused on ZK Rollups. We want to be part of the journey to scale Ethereum and build a decentralised future. We are aware of the need and thirst to scale Ethereum, which is why we are building on zkSync and StarkNet.

Do you have a new idea or do you want to contribute to our current projects? Anyone is welcome to contribute to ZigZag Labs and hopefully you will end up joining one of the projects as team member or getting hired by us! If you want to be part of the family, please send us a message through the contact form.

StarkNet zkSync

ZigZag Exchange

ZigZag is a decentralised non-custodial order book exchange, built on Ethereum's Layer 2 ZK Rollups. Allowing traders to enjoy near-zero gas fees, while receiving price quotes extracted from centralised exchanges.

We aim to match the ease-of-use experience and optimal liquidity that centralised exchanges offer their traders, while remaining decentralised, non-custodial and without sign-ups. A true instant plug & play exchange that gives existing centralised exchanges a run for their money by presenting a decentralised alternative.

Currently live on zkSync 1.0, soon deployed on both StarkNet and zkSync 2.0 when released.

zkSync StarkNet


Decentralised Casino

ZKasino is a decentralised and fair betting platform that cares about its users. The casino is built on StarkNet and zkSync. ZKasino’s games (including winning probabilities) will be hard-coded through the immutable law of smart contracts. Anyone can review these contracts and ensure that the edge that ZKasino earns for its token holders is slim, but still +EV versus players.

The ZKasino DAO will make all decisions through its governance, as well as allow token holders to redeem their share of the treasury (casino’s bankroll) for a tokenised ownership mechanic.

Hosting ZKasino on StarkNet and zkSync 2.0 with its infinite scalability will allow players to have a better experience on a decentralised platform than existing centralised online casinos.

StarkNet VRF

StarkNet VRF

ZKasino is in need of verifiable randomness for fair casino games, allowing users to verify that generated numbers are in fact provably random. The VRF will be the underlying randomness infrastructure for ZKasino and StarkNet in general. As there currently is no VRF on StarkNet, we have decided to take it upon ourselves to build one.

How does it work?

We have chosen to use the Drand randomness beacon for our VRF. This beacon is a network of nodes run by credible organisations dedicated to providing public randomness as a base of internet infrastructure. The random numbers generated by Drand will be relayed onto StarkNet.

We communicate with the Drand Network through our > VRF Repeater that submits the RNG to our > VRF Oracle which verifies the RNG and > sends a callback function to the Game Contract. Verifiable randomness is achieved and the user can enjoy a fair casino game.

StarkNet Pool


Liquidity pool with Market Maker vaults

Mammoth is a giant, permissionless and trustless liquidity pool on StarkNet. It is an AMM pool coded in Cairo and comparable to Curve, Balancer and GMX with one exception: Mammoth has Market Maker vaults. Users can deposit into Mammoth to earn yield, but can also swap with the pool. Market makers, whitelisted by the DAO, use their vaults to tap into the user’s liquidity and market make pairs.

Mammoth was live on StarkNet testnet in February. Currently, we are working on additional features and a new UI. In the future, Mammoth could be extended to work as dAMM.


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